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  • BethAnn Mayberry
    BethAnn Mayberry

    The unasked question... Is Chitan abusing the elderly?

  • S.L. May
    S.L. May

    As shitty as Swanson frozen "foods" are, they aren't as tasteless as Tuckie is.

  • Bill Koplitz
    Bill Koplitz

    Bravo, let's talk about this

  • 司此雷

    Of course the country is in huge debt..... When you give great tax cut to big corporations that benefits being in US but fail to contribute.

  • sdfkjgh

    13:13 For a second, I thought he was gonna say that joe exotic had opened one.

  • Samuel Childers
    Samuel Childers

    i'm sorry John, but you got it all wrong. i will in fact remember something else from this video, and it's that Velveeta is Lorax jizz. nice try though

  • Gloria ortega
    Gloria ortega

    Personally working as a CNA for over 4 years I can say it is so unfair the quality of life some geriatric patients encounter. I've worked short-staffed as many as 25 patients by myself who all need my help it is so stressful and overwhelming my heart goes to all health care workers who genuinely care. Some do not

  • Dat Boy
    Dat Boy

    Here 13 months later. Oh boy. You guys aren't ready for this

  • OhKay

    Well I know where I'm not going to go could never afford the rich b**** home with a floors just waiting to crack a hip or in the pieces of s*** w**** stories that I have seen think it has something to do with not being a burden and dying with dignity

  • US

    Long term care, aka hope your kids and grandkids loved you that they won’t put you in a home

  • Mandolin Harris
    Mandolin Harris


  • Matushca Précil
    Matushca Précil

    Profit incentive is fucking us all straight to the ground and into hell

  • Christel Headington
    Christel Headington

    I was one of the many unpaid home care workers. My husband had MS. A lot of it came about because I had to fight l to get him out of a hell-hole VA nursing home, part of a very long exhausting process, literally had to make a federal case of it.The reward? Besides having 10 years with him.that they would have robbed him of ? Having Social Security based on his SSDI, His small veterans pension died the day he did. Ten year after, I had my very own major medical issue, which cost me the little savings I had.

  • Blake Giant
    Blake Giant


  • Clyde Wood
    Clyde Wood


  • tommypoopums

    are you sure you've used the word "fucking" enough times?

  • Barbara Connett
    Barbara Connett

    Wow, John Oliver, thank you, I’m a 84 year old woman, and I can still think!

  • dat2ra

    "Wuzzup?" A credit to the times.

  • Michael Driggers
    Michael Driggers

    If my grandmother was eaten by an alligator, she would probably love it. She would die with her boots on and the story would be an interesting one.

  • Alissa Boyce
    Alissa Boyce

    But... you really don’t have a favorite graphing calculator ?

  • mia1600m

    charter schools and nursing homes have a lot in common.

  • Vanja Matic
    Vanja Matic

    I was 19 and very inappropriately hugged (grabbed) by a man in his early 80s. I know how it sounds, and that is exactly what it was. Still, care for the elderly is important and it will be profitable. Also, it is not only the elderly who get "eaten alive" it is also the workers and caregivers. Someone else, seemingly evil, is profiting.

  • Rebel Braainz
    Rebel Braainz

    I really do not think the debt is meant to be fixed, I think its meant to lead to the end. That however is a totally different discussion... but if they wanted to take out the debt instead of paying taxes why not just teach investing in schools and the tax money from income taxes is what Americans use to invest in whatever they want, be it stocks or crypto currencies or whatever and the profits gained from that go to paying the "taxes" and they get to keep the percentage of the profits that was taken out of their paychecks? Seems like a nice way to educate and earn your retirement... I am sure there is a major flaw in this but that's what I have in a nutshell, some kind of idea to be tweaked.

  • elrenato82

    Here in Belgium nursing homes are terrible too. I worked as a trainee in 6 different homes. The things I saw i'll never forget... One of the most horrifiying things was an old woman who had cancer and she opted for euthanasia. Ok that is her choice. But when I proposed to the head nurse to let the old woman have her favorite meal before she died the same day, the nurse replied to me: she will eat whatever there is on the menu. Even people on death row can have a last meal of their choice for fuck sake! The old woman who worked all her life and payed for a good treatment got shit!

  • Blob Di Blob
    Blob Di Blob

    How could one best profit from elderly care? What do you think? Which stocks to buy? Need to get rich ASAP in order to be able to afford a good retirement later on. :)

  • Leon Adel
    Leon Adel

    Videos becoming kinda cookie cutter format

  • sdfkjgh

    10:38 Here's an idea: if a facility is put on this overly-euphemistic list more than once, that facility is immediately shut down. Yes, this is putting the residents at a further disadvantage, but at least it's something. I'm sick and tired of this manufactured scarcity of funds and oversight causing no good options to be available.

    • sdfkjgh

      10:49 Oh, for fuck's sake!!! Nothing says "lack of oversight" quite like admitting defeat in the face of overwhelming numbers of transgressors.

    • Fletcher Graymane
      Fletcher Graymane

      You mean mass resident dumping

  • Uncle June
    Uncle June

    Air BnB’s businesses designed for retirees are lucrative as well.--

    • Fletcher Graymane
      Fletcher Graymane

      Air BnB has it's own mass amount of problems

  • Collin Keyser
    Collin Keyser

    That Andrew Cuomo Joke Was HILARIOUS!

  • Daniel Conner
    Daniel Conner

    AI and Robots in 20-30 years will drastically help people stay at home when they are older.

  • watery blowhole
    watery blowhole

    This is a great segment. It could easily extend to individuals with intellectual disabilities at group homes. What is happening with admins in that setting in Illinois is unbelievable and sickening.

  • cherrie shird
    cherrie shird

    But if the patient has straight Medicaid you cannot find a doctor to do anything they will tell you they don't take patients that do straight Medicaid

  • James

    a 2 in Ohio...oof

  • Argen

    We need to end for profit healthcare. With for profit healthcare we routinely pay more than other countries and get worse results.

  • Phil Zawadzki
    Phil Zawadzki

    A lot of the people who need serious care from other people didn't take care of themselves when they were younger, e.g. smoking tobacco and eating junk food, let's not forget that

  • audichunes

    What about stock market derivatives? Also, there are a fuckload of riots in America right now. Other than that... good video, I guess?

  • beachnerbum710

    Trained at a nursing home/ corporate owners, MRSA, C. Diff, lack of supplies. God bless the laundry staff, I don't know how they do it. It was sad to wonder what would happen to staffing when student trainees left.

  • Johnathan Celso
    Johnathan Celso

    Reminds me of the War on Christmas propaganda Bill O’Reilly spread for a few years.

  • Bunny, Easter
    Bunny, Easter

    I have't watched the full video yet, but if that "baby merchant" doesn't make a cameo at the end I'll be disappointed Edit: 😕

  • Jimmie Eddie Schwenk
    Jimmie Eddie Schwenk

    There should be a penny tax on every beverage container and cup sold... no matter the size... for litter clean up...

  • Kelly 1
    Kelly 1 used to be a comedian 😒

  • williams man
    williams man

    Wow America, just wow.

  • angeluscorpius

    I hate you for making me laugh at Amazon 'associates" being bear maced at the end!

  • Shelby M
    Shelby M

    Upset you did a whole thing on this and didn't mention the movie "I Care A Lot" a single time.

  • Madam L
    Madam L

    When there is a profit to be made, the only care will be given to money.

  • Janine Hyde
    Janine Hyde

    I have been a CNA for over 20 years, this problem is not new. Congress passed a bill a long time ago to increase the amount of nursing hours per resident. All it did was create more paper work for staff. I hope that if legislation happens again it really addresses the problem and provides more staff with good pay.

  • Uppity Sombitch
    Uppity Sombitch

    16:56 The views, likes and dislikes on that video..I guess they expected it to be at least that by the end of the day the 11th...

  • Griffin Cates
    Griffin Cates

    Privatization always leads to better service right? 🙄

  • Josh Matta
    Josh Matta

    Dude NOBODY CARES out of sight out of mind. I had 64 patients as a 18 year old CNA Right out of high school. I’m a nurse 4 years now and I’ve never been fully staffed. Again NOBODY CARES!!!

  • RobRoy Robinson
    RobRoy Robinson

    I work in AL & Memory Care My Corporate Masters are somewhere in China living large

  • gigi wills
    gigi wills

    I became very ill in 2016 and spent a month or so in a very good Boston hospital. When I left, they gave me a grabber and a sockeez. I was very debilitated but out of the woods. The diagnosis was unclear. Is unclear. I have never recovered, use a walker to get around the house. I spent two stints in what is laughingly called a "rehabilitation facility". The first one, they never got the medication dose as prescribed. Not once. The food was as nutritional as twinkies. I could not get a glass of water in the place. I had to call 911 myself to go to an ER, because they could not respond to my medical situation--constipation. This was $409 a DAY. So, subsequently, when "day surgery" turned into another stay in ICU and then on to more "rehab" now in a much worse condition. I picked another facility. It was worse. The food was not identifiable. I lost 35 lbs. Fortunately, I got on a waiver program, so I am home with assistance. You do not have to wait five years for homecare agencies to devolve. Lately, the homecare folks took umbrage at my request to have a vaccinated person; they had offered vaccine to all the staff. But they sent me a lady who elected not to get a vaccine, and didn't see the need for a mask. I said that was a problem for me; she suggested that perhaps she should not come if I felt that way. She meant that as a threat, because I clearly need help. She appeared shocked when I agreed with her. The agency wasn't very nice about this either. They said they couldn't ask about vaccination status "because of HIPAA". That did not sound right to me, so I told her I would look that up. According to the EEOC guidance, employers have every right to inquire about vaccination status, especially when an unvaccinated person is more likely to cause direct harm to their clients. I suggested that in such a case, there might be legal liability. She suggested I look for another agency. I said I already had a call in. The problem is the agencies pay very poorly and do not offer benefits. I gather they charge at least double what they actually pay the care staff. And they are required to use their own vehicle to travel between clients. Travel time is not on the clock, and mileage is-ready?- $.05/mile. My friends and cousins are scattered throughout the country, and I hear the same story everywhere. Poor care. Atrociously expensive rates. Thank you for your attention to this.

  • Matt St.Cyr
    Matt St.Cyr

    Thank you John Oliver for making this known, as a nurses aid I'm very frustrated how this whole process is done. I work for an agency and one facility I worked in had really bad conditions for the residents to the point where there was a rat infestation in the building and nothing was done about it. Not to mention nurses were pulling doubles everyday just because they didn't want to hire people. This shouldn't be a norm anymore and its pretty disgusting its expected at most places now, because of the lack of understanding from the administration.

  • Kiki

    My friend works in a nursing home and it’s been draining him of all joy. He’s paid little, is expected to look after 25 residents, and is treated like shit. He was bit by a patient the other day. He’s been yelled at, hit, called racist slurs, and no one is doing anything. All of this for shit pay.

  • Barbara Connett
    Barbara Connett

    You are very value, keep, up the good work!

  • Matthew Sala
    Matthew Sala

    Still listening #2021

  • Malon Nkonzwana
    Malon Nkonzwana

    Don't mean to scare you but here in South Africa, we've had a locust plague since last year and it still persists. Yep, you guessed it... we've graduated to spiders everywhere

  • Belli Dura Despicio
    Belli Dura Despicio

    Pol Pot was right about urbanites

  • Ken Havens
    Ken Havens

    Stephanie Coster looks like a extra from a Brazzers video.

  • poco9964

    Fascism only cares about profit, everything else is an inconvenience.

  • Lo Presti
    Lo Presti

    This country is so letting down its people. Its no safe country to grow old in. Unless ur rich, of course. 😖

  • interstellar omelette
    interstellar omelette

    "wait, in five years we'll be still doing shows in the void? no. we'll be back in the void. and here's a hint, it's not a pandemic next tiiime! *it's spiders*" arachnophobes: *chuckles* I'm in danger

  • Emmadril

    I work in an assisted living facility and they are currently offering huge incentives per shift... they simply cannot find people to do this work. It's too demanding, and pays too low. They need better wages, and will find better help.

  • Dio Genes
    Dio Genes

    Id let her take care of me when I'm old.

  • Durruti

    There are so many failsons from wealthy families out there, it's nice to see Stephanie Costas step up and represent the often neglected faildaughters.

  • Nathaniel Smith
    Nathaniel Smith

    I can confirm that resident dumping definitely happens at Avalon. And much worse.

  • Jack Beard
    Jack Beard

    You know they are breaking eviction laws when they resident dump. I am surprised they haven't had a major lawsuit. Especially because most give you residency over 30 days with an eviction notice. But yes, Healthcare spending in Medicare has been completely irresponsible and time and again every single hospital for profit has almost always been focused on over using medicare for unnecessary procedures. I guarantee you that a lot of C sections done at these facilities especially if the person was on the State's medicaid were done simply because they knew they could gain money and that the doctor's judgement was impeded by the greed of the facility. Greed is not bad. It has to be bridled. What has happened in the last 30 years is that Greed in corporations has been completely unbridled like a Harvey Weinstein casting couch. Lust isn't bad as much as greed. THe thing is how you use that motivation. Because that is what it is. It is motivation. Something that you are supposed to convert into discipline. The art is in bridling those intense passions. Not simply over indulging on a market like Matt Gaetz at a Epstein orgy. I get having that bottled up all the time with no release. Yes that makes sense but to release that bottled lust like he recklessly did shows his lack of discipline. What happens is bottled motivational forces have to be released appropriately. Lust, Greed, Rage are three that are dominant in our society. Lust's casting couch or NIXIM or Epstein. Greed is revealed in Big Oil and for profit LTCs and companies. Rage is shown by these weak men who don't have any way to release their rage until that emotion bursts forth like it does. I don't want to be profound right now but I feel this way. Bridle your passions. Bridle your needs and use that need to build a strong and positive habit.

  • Steven Lopez
    Steven Lopez

    I would rather die then reach the stage where someone needs to take care of me. Pull the plug, gimme cyanide or take me to the back and put me down like old Yeller but f that style off life, grandkids ain't worth it. I know some believe that it is worth it to keep that old love one alive but i find it a little twisted, learning to let go is a part off life.

  • Kam Jorgensen
    Kam Jorgensen

    Psyching myself up to work till I die.

  • Ken Havens
    Ken Havens

    Resident dumping, once the money runs out they evict the resident.

  • Leon Adel
    Leon Adel

    The plate is bomb idk what he means

  • Lii’s life stories
    Lii’s life stories

    So John Oliver is Platesexuel

  • Susan Dihle
    Susan Dihle

    There are more things that we can - and should - do, Instead of having relatives who are untrained and unpaid care for elder relatives, offer them low-cost student loans. Better still, offer them free tuition to take part-time classes at local educational centers. Make it legal for groups to get together and pay into a retirement-assisted living facility,. All agree to share the costs, including the costs of training relatives, friends or other care-givers. This agreement could be portable so as to provide care in people's own homes. That way, no matter how severe the dementia becomes, there will be better chances of some memories of the place's risks and hazards. There are also levels of care that people could insist upon. In England (my home country), my elderly grandparents lived in council apartments that were set in different neighborhoods, If you were in need of constant regular visits, then your flat was on one neighborhood. But if you required additional care - not just occasional help with shopping or a daily check-in, but more serious help, then you lived in another neighborhood. The blocks of flats were not that far from each other. So many of the stores my grandparents went to were the same throughout their retirement years. Keep in mind that whereas the US is relatively new to the aging population curve, most nations in western Europe have had this phenomenon for some time now. We have learned, often through trial and error, which systems work and which are ineffective. Instead of trying to tackle this from the ground up, look around and observe the systems that work relatively well.

  • Jami Weaver
    Jami Weaver

    "If he's willing to dig a big hole, he's willing to dig a small hole," Thanks for that!!!

  • em?

    very cool that long-term care workers get the exact same amount of training that i did as a walmart cashier

  • James Thompson
    James Thompson

    the one my grampa died in did all physical therapy rehab till the day he died at 96

  • Thomas Westerman
    Thomas Westerman

    HBO after Dark boy is this network a good arbitrator of ethics and morality

  • Tiffany S.
    Tiffany S.

    Don't treat millennials like this when we get old, we will shut down the facility with a single tweet!

  • Rob Myers
    Rob Myers

    GOP: but the deficit...

  • SoupSucks

    If you did not allow nursing homes near gator-infested water there would be no place in most of Florida to put them. Seriously. Gators are everywhere.

  • lydia love - urinternetgf
    lydia love - urinternetgf

    when I was barely 18 years old they put me in charge of 15 residents on my own, and I couldn't lift any of them on my own so I was constantly needing help... and I was paid MINIMUM WAGE